Tax Credits Specialists in the IT Field (SR&ED, CDAE, PARI, Multimedia)

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d’Astous Groupe Conseil is specialized in tax credits within the IT field:

The Refundable Tax Credit for the Development of E-Business (CDAE)

The Refundable Tax Credit for the Production of Multimedia Titles

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program

Know Well. Act better

The domain of IT, with its constant changes and challenges, can be complex and even intimidating. We are well aware of this; our experience in engineering (software, electrical and physics) puts us in the forefront as witnesses of the field’s difficulties. This expertise, combined with our enthusiasm for innovation, is what keeps us pushing always further in our understanding of technological advancement.
It is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of your situation in order to maximize the financial levers that will enable to carry your projects through to fruition, as well as minimizing the fiscal impact of your choices. At d’Astous Groupe Conseil, we advocate discussion and the use of simulations to better identify the best solution for your business.